Gkoz791, 2011

classic garage style song, one of my all-time faves!!!! i’m from detroit area, first heard this tune on the “friday at the hideout” compilation cd, i was too young to make the hideout scene in the 60s.. ★ pleasure seekers rock! ★


Victor115114, 1/25/2011

Oh lord i’ve got my cradle cd, I play it all night and play it all day…….So no one will stop me ! the music is back and rocking in my house.And all over Clevedon England thank the Quatro sisters never stop rocking..

Grampscanshred55, 1/26/2012

This was the first live band I ever saw-August 1970 in Garden City, Kansas-when I was 13 years old. I was in love and in awe. Great video!

Fourty5mag, 2011

  Ted’s where y’all got them potty mouths!!! LOL!!! Gona fav this so some of my people will check you guys out!! Gee all I remember were SG guitars, EB-3 basses, and a lot of shaken goin on!!! Y’all had to be good or I wouldn’t have used up film meant for Ted at the Cincy Gardens Pop Fest!!! Rock On!!!


APRIL 27, 2012……DETROIT ROCK CITY……Induction for the Quatro Sisters and their bands….all details to come!!!!!

Rebecca Jansen, 2011

Following an entertaining intro (by DJ The Lord, of Shangrlaradio.com), the Quatro sisters original composition “Gotta Get Away” comes on heavy with a wall of organ and guitar like a snarly Detroit version of an Avalon ballroom mainstay! This is the first taste of seven previously unreleased 60’s recordings by Michigan’s Pleasure Seekers. It was long rumored the girls had laid down more in the studio than the three singles well known to serious rock & roll fanatics, but now the wait is over. The first thing that becomes clear is how Arlene Quatro’s organ work is impeccable throughout, providing a solid foundation to the tracks she performed on. The second track “Never Thought You’d Leave Me” is of an earlier vintage however, when the Ball sisters, Nan and Marylou were in the group, and Arlene, the eldest Quatro had yet to join. Not yet out of their teens, Patti Quatro’s lead guitar and Suzi’s vocals are already solid on their 1966 debut on the Hideout record label, from the people who gave Detroit it’s Hideout club. Suzi’s bass is a real highlight here. On the title track from the same single you can hear how the Pleasure Seekers held their own on the same stages as The Rationals and Bob Seger & the Last Heard. In fact, Suzi Q’s vocals are pretty much as strong as they would be later at the height of her solo 70’s fame.

From the Mercury era the standout track here is “Light of Love”, an upbeat rocker that equals the best sides by label mates The New Colony Six. There is a cool chant aspect to the chorus here making me wonder why some glam group didn’t cover this in the early-mid 70’s, it would’ve outshone much of the repertoire from the period! A Stax/Booker T style organ with solid harmonies tend to dominate the remaining cuts, but Patti’s guitar licks get elastic and really shine making possibly average material something more engaging. There is one great vocal performance, by drummer Darline Arnone apparently, on “Good Kind of Hurt” also worth mentioning. The set closes with a slower experimental freak-out song called “Mr. Power” which comes over like Joe Meek, a great surprise and a cool note to end on, definitely leaving me still wanting to hear more.

With the addition of Nancy Quatro, The Pleasure Seekers evolved into the group Cradle, and there is an album’s worth of this material also available for the first time on CD.

Garage Hangover reviews the Pleasure Seekers

This historical CD documenting the Quatro sisters early music, now available, and reviewed here by Garage Hangover, in “Media-Pleasure Seekers Press” section.   Thanks to Garage Hangover, and way to go, Q-girls!!!

Ugly Things Magazine on Pleasure Seekers…

Original ‘60s recordings by the Quatro sisters, the undisputed queens of ‘60s garage rock’n’roll. FANTASTIC collection and cool CD booklet loaded with pix and liner notes. Includes both sides of their killer classic 1966 Hideout single “What A Way to Die” and “Never Thought You’d Leave Me,” along with their hot soul-infused Mercury 45, “Light of Love” and “Good Kind of Hurt,” plus seven previously unreleased cuts from 1967-69 including the great Hammond-soaked stomper “Gotta Get Away,” the superb, high energy Motor City rocker “Where have You Gone” and the atmospheric psychedelic mover “Mr Power.” You read their story in UT#31, now hear the music!

Those Q-girls: Suzi and Patti Quatro –“sister speak”–now up!

Suzi and Patti Quatro

Suzi and Patti, England 1974

Enjoy the in-depth “sisters” interview with Suzi and Patti, on all things Quatro:  their early roots, their music, their eventual solo paths, and present projects.   Text interview is now at FB page–Roch Parisien’s Rocon Communications.   Additional content of questions and answers to this interview, to be posted this week, so stay tuned…..

New Quatro interview now posted ….for your enjoyment

Enjoy the latest one hour “talk and music” Quatro interview with DJ Brian Lush up now:  ROCKWiRED RADiO PROFiLES PATTi QUATRO ERiCSON OF THE PLEASURE SEEKERS AND CRADLE AND THE RESPECTiVE. www.rockwired.com