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Cradle Action 1969 ~ 1971

Cradle with the first lineup of Suzi, Nancy, Patti Quatro and Nancy Rogers.

Cradle Candids 1969 ~ 1971

Gallery of original Cradle lineup: Suzi, Patti, Nancy Quatro, Nancy Rogers

Cradle Action 1971 ~ 1973

Gallery of the second lineup of Cradle, with Leigh and Lynne Serridge

Cradle Candids 1971 ~ 1973

Cradle second lineup candid photos-- with Leigh and Lynne Serridge

Cradle PR Photos 1969 ~ 1973

Cradle Press Photos with First Cradle Lineup Suzi, Patti Nancy Quatro and Nancy Rogers

Cradle Video Stills

Slide show stills from \"Soothsayer\"-- Cradle \"the history\" CD