Pleasure Seekers 1966 ~ 1969

Eileen Biddlingmeier 1965 ~ 1967

Eileen BiddlingmeierEileen Biddlingmeier, choir friend of Patti’s, joined up with the Pleasure Seekers in 1965, replacing Sherry Hammerlee.  Eileen, with her waist length blonde hair, was known as “Lady Godiva” and rocked the vocals up front, as well as teaching herself rhythm guitar.  Eileen also handled bass guitar as the front singers revolved in the group during performance.

She played with the group from 1965 to 1967, parting ways with the Pleasure Seekers when Pami Benford came into the group in NYC.  Eileen did not record with the Pleasure Seekers, and lives on the east coast, retired from the musical profession for many years now.

Darline Arnone 1966 ~ 1968

Darline Arnone

Darline Arnone “Thumper” started playing drums at age 11, joining the Pleasure Seekers in the summer of 1966.  Darline was featured vocally on the Mercury single, “Good Kind Of Hurt”, which charted well regionally as an A-Side.

Darline was the first girl sponsored by Slingerland Drums, and rockin a double bass drum set.  She was known for her technical abilities as a drummer, and often left jaws hanging at the end of her 15 minute drum solos.  Darline left the Pleasure seekers in November of 1968, taking a short break from music. She then resumed to play local clubs for 20 years, still keeping her hands in drumming to this day.

Darline continues to fulfill her musical talents by leading children’s choirs.  She has also enjoyed a very successful career with a national health organization.

Pami Benford 1967 ~ 1969

Pami Benford

Pami Benford, a guitar teacher in Detroit and playing in a Detroit Band, was asked to join the Pleasure Seekers in 1967.  Flying immediately to the group in NYC, she fit in quickly as the new member, as they signed with ABC, and shortly after, Mercury Records.

As a well rounded musician, Pami was featured on guitar, bass and backup vocals during her time with the Pleasure Seekers. She toured extensively with them from the summer of 1967 to September of 1969. Pami left the group as they evolved into a “Sisters” act.

She went on to play with Nancy Rogers in “Power and Glory” and other groups for many years after, always being an asset as a talented guitarist. Circa 1974, Pami retired from music, going into another direction, enjoying a successful career as a social worker, now retired, and living in Detroit.

Nancy Rogers 1968 ~ 1969

Nancy Rogers

Nancy Rogers joined the Pleasure Seekers in November of 1968, replacing Darline. With only a week’s rehearsal, she immediately toured the NW with the Pleasure Seekers, playing a heavy double bass drum set.

Later, with the formation of Cradle in 1970, she helped kick the new lineup into a much heavier direction with her inventive drumming style, adding vibes, horn, and tympani to her musical skills.  In the summer of 1971, Nancy and Cradle parted ways with Nancy joining a new group, Evergreen.

During the 70’s and 80’s, she was house drummer at Sound Machine Recording Studios in Kalamazoo.  She also continued playing, touring, and recording with Abyss and other country blues, rock, and Tex-mex bands through to the present day.  At present, Nancy still rocks her drums, and enjoys a side business in arts and crafts in Kalamazoo, MI.