(PLEASURE SEEKERS 1969, CRADLE 1969 ~ 1973)

Nancy Quatro“The mover of the group, the sensual bitch goddess, the focal point of every male in the crowd.  When she’s singing, the microphone’s grasped firmly in both hands, lips almost kissing it, feet wide apart, head flung back triumphantly in opera fashion, long brown hair flowing down her shoulders, body never remaining stationary for a minute, even during the instrumental break, she’s moving, prancing cat-like back and forth, arms floating rhythmically from her sides, pelvis pulsating with every beat, moving with the grace and beauty of a wild beast stalking its prey.”

~1971 review

Nancy Quatro recorded with the MQ Jam Band on vocals, before and after joining up with her sisters in the Pleasure Seekers, and shortly after Cradle.  Tagged as a female Robert Plant, pursued a solo career for a short time in L.A, teaming up with Roy Silver (manager of Fanny, Bill Cosby, Ryan O’Neal and many others) before deciding to leave the business to raise her family.  Nancy now runs nglassmanagement, an artist development and promotion agency, in Arlington, TX.  She has been kept busy promoting rock shows and managing the current rock group, “Overscene”, with two CD’s out, and gigging with Seven Days Grace, Sevendust, and Hell Yeah recently.

Nancy is also partnering with sister Patti in Cradle Rocks Music Publishing, and also in the release of the retrospective Quatro Sisters projects on their early days bands, Pleasure Seekers and Cradle.  Nancy also owns and runs a very successful restaurant in Arlington, TX (The Wonderful World of Cooking).