(PLEASURE SEEKERS 1964 ~ 1969, CRADLE 1969 ~ 1973)

Patti Quatro“A showy player, ripping a difficult passage out of her machine, with a variety of facial contortions, twisting her body round it, attacking it like a lioness devouring her prey….eyes closed tight, back arched, swaying side to side, wailing away on her guitar as everyone watches hypnotically… Patti unleashing savage steamrollers of noise and then throwing in a flurry of precise, clear notes to float on top, moving across in a guitar duel, riding her axe, stomping her feet. Patti’s legs never seem to end; her costume seems to be rags held together by perspiration.”

~1971 review

Patti Quatro went on to play with brother Michael’s MQ Jam Band, (classical rock keyboardist), touring, recording and co-producing the album “Look Deeply Into the Mirror” (1973).  She then joined forces with Fanny, recording Rock And Roll Survivor, with two highly charted singles, “Butter Boy” and “I’ve Had It”, and touring through the U.S. and Europe (1974).  Later, Patti did studio work with groups such as ELO, Keith Moon (Who), Harry Nillson, Bonnie and Delaney, Billy Cox, and Frances Gall, recording a live album in Europe.

Patti also did some modeling in Los Angeles, in between musical projects. She is presently in production with co-partner Nancy, in the Quatro sisters CD’s, and running Cradle Rocks Publishing, as well as future musical projects. She also runs with her husband, Starflight Travel, a rock agency that handles the travel arrangements for groups through the ages such as: Ozzy Osbourne /Black Sabbath, Yes, Aerosmith, Iron Maiden, Rod Stewart, Pfish, Police, ACDC, Ted Nugent, Grateful Dead, Bob Marley, and more.