(PLEASURE SEEKERS 1964 ~ 1969, CRADLE 1969 ~ 1971)

Suzi Quatro“She sings like Otis Redding, suffers like James Brown, strums like Jimi Hendrix, howls like Janis Joplin, and toys with the audience, as the wild one of the band. Crouched over her Fender bass, hair hiding her features, eyes shut in intense concentration, she provides the group with a good foundation to build on. And just as she is offstage, Suzi is never caught standing still. The little dynamo is always on the move–forward, backward, right, left, stomping her feet in time to the beat, enjoying every minute of her work.”

~1971 review

Suzi Quatro, in 1971, with two solo deals offered her, went with Micki Most and Rak Records, on to enormous success, fronting her own rock group in Europe.

After a short development, she broke loose with her hit “Can the Can” (1973), followed by huge worldwide success. Suzi has enjoyed a long and productive world-renowned career as an international rock star, filled with numerous hit albums and singles, currently at 50 million and still selling!

Suzi is also beloved as Leather Tuscadero from Happy Days! Broadening her successful career, Suzi through the years has enjoyed recognition as a stage actress (“Tallulah Who”, “Annie Get Your Gun”, TV star (hosting her own show, and guest appearances), BBC radio DJ, and authoress. She was also recently a judge on Australian Idol for “Rock Week”. Suzi is still actively touring and recording, with a new album and tour coming in the new year, as well as several major BBC documentaries on legendary rock stars, in the making for the present year.