Quatro Interviews this weekend!



Patti and Suzi Quatro will interview at FB page:   Roch Parisien’s Rochon Communications, on Sunday, June 12, 1 pm CST and 7 pm U.K. for two hour, in-depth online chat.

Patti will be on the kick-ass online radio:  RockWired.com to be posted soon……stay tuned.

see ya there.

Rockwired.com Interview

Coming up this week…..interview with the awesome rockwired.com and DJ

Patti Quatro

Patti Quatro

Brian Lush.   We’ll post date/time soon.   See y’all there!

CD Baby “Rock Picks June 2011”

Pleasure Seekers “What a Way to Die” CD named a Rock Pick for June 2011 at CDBaby.com.   Thanks to all for the awesome support for this historical CD, newly released.   It’s a Q-girls summer of fun!!!!!     Enjoy the music and rock your summer! xo

Detroit Rock City–The Original Girls from the Garage have arrived!!

Detroit Rock City adds another original group to its amazing legacy of kick ass music!!!    The Quatro sisters and QuatroRock have finally released their earliest music from a raw era of classic Detroit Rock City music.    Recorded live original tunes from the concert halls and ballrooms of Detroit, the two retrospective CD’s (Cradle “the history” and the Pleasure Seekers “What a Way to Die”) are now fully available on CDBaby.com and major outlets.    Enjoy this newly revamped QuatroRock website, full of the history of the original “girls from the garage” who pioneered women musicians rocking their music hard!!!!!    Girls from the garage and Detroit Rock City—-‘nuf said!

Now posted: Soundcheck Magazine feature on Q-girls

Enjoy our new “feature” posting in the Media/Pleasure Seekers Press Room…

Cyndi Ford has written a great in-depth interview on the Quatro sisters and their early music, with loads of photos.


Check it out…..Update on Pleasure Seekers CD

Any day now…….Pleasure Seekers “What a Way to Die” CD will be soon stocked at CD Baby, thru our website, and major outlets.   CD is loaded with history and photos on a 6-page insert, with limited signed copies available through our website.    Just write us your paypal address, and we can take care of your order.



“Soundcheck” magazine–check out new interview!

Hey….what an exciting month…….First “Ugly Things” Magazine feature on the Quatro early bands and NOW……just out…..Q-girls new feature in-depth interview in Soundcheck magazine–out now–with Suzi and Patti Quatro, by Cyndi Ford.   Pictures too……Enjoy!     Full article will be posted soon.

The Patti Quatro Chat Page on Facebook, 05/02/11

Hey guys….join us on Patti Quatro’s monthly chat on Facebook. 2nd May 2011 8pm CST

Check out the details below, and see ya there!


Coming in 2011: Detroit Rocks Project

Coming in 2011:    Detroit Rocks Project will be a documentary on Detroit Rock City and its amazing raw energy that has spanned decades and including the Quatro Sisters and their music.

Coming in 2011: Axe Factor

Coming in 2011:   Axe Factor will present “She Rocks”–an amazing look at the history of female guitarists who dared to kick down doors and rock their music hard, including the Quatro Sisters and their musical careers.