Those Q-girls: Suzi and Patti Quatro –“sister speak”–now up!

Suzi and Patti Quatro

Suzi and Patti, England 1974

Enjoy the in-depth “sisters” interview with Suzi and Patti, on all things Quatro:  their early roots, their music, their eventual solo paths, and present projects.   Text interview is now at FB page–Roch Parisien’s Rocon Communications.   Additional content of questions and answers to this interview, to be posted this week, so stay tuned…..


  1. Wait, where is the interview? I’m confused. and what happpened to the Bitch Magazine interview that was up here a year or so ago? I can’t find it anymore

    • Shelly: Bitch Magazine interview is in the Media Tab under both Pleasure Seekers Press and Cradle Press–flip book with arrows to read.
      The 2011 Rocon Communications Interview with Patti and Suzi is under media tab “Quatro Sisters Press”…..Enjoy both!!!

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