Behind The Scenes

The intent of the Quatro Sisters’ original, live, double-retrospective CDs is threefold:

  • First, to finally put a historical footnote on the youngest, earliest girl group (1964) kicking down doors for women musicians and their right to rock and roll, with a single out at 14 and 16 (Suzi and Patti), and signed to a national record contract shortly thereafter.
  • Second, we hope the CDs are inspirational to other female musicians to keep the doors open…..follow their dreams and rock their music.
  • Third, this was an amazing heartfelt personal journey of four young sisters touring the country–with joys, heartbreak, drama, and amazing road stories on board, in the glory days of a Renaissance era of classic rock that stands the test of time……and most of all, of four sisters who shared a dream, and what they went through to fulfill it.

For 40 years, deep in a closet, lay numbers of two-track reel to reels and cassettes, recorded LIVE at Detroit Rock City’s infamous GRANDE BALLROOM and other venues, and somehow surviving the test of time. Fate intervened, and with the help of a few excited and dedicated people, the tapes were digitalized, cleaned up, and made ready for release. The goal of the project was to preserve at all costs, what was nostalgically remembered as the “Detroit grit” of the classic rock era that spawned a raw, Motor City industrial strength energy.

The 2 retrospective CD’s available now, will preserve these never released originals of the Quatro sister’s earliest of all girl bands. The time is now….Play it loud…..feel the raw Detroit Rock City energy….enjoy……

~the Quatro Sisters