Pleasure Seekers 1964 ~ 1966

Nan Ball 1964 ~ 1966

Nan Ball As one of the first girls Patti asked, Nan was one of the founding members of the Pleasure Seekers in 1964.  Nan had a dream to be a rock drummer, and performed as the original drummer/vocalist of the Pleasure Seekers.

Known as the “American Nico”, Nan played with the group touring extensively at clubs, teen events, and the college circuit. Nan was the featured vocalist on their Hideout single, “Never Thought You’d Leave Me” and loved for her exciting rendition of “Wild Thing”.

She retired from her musical career in the summer of 1966, in favor of continuing her college education at U of M, become a successful psychologist for many years. Nan passed away in the 1990’s, in a tragic rainy night accident, and will always be remembered as an early pioneer for women musicians to rock their music.

Diane Baker 1964 ~ 1966

Diane Baker

Diane Baker on keyboards, was the first member Patti asked to start an all-girl band with her, in 1964, while hanging with local male musicians, and being excited by the rock music scene starting up in Detroit.  Diane recorded with the group very early on in 1964, for Golden World Records.

Schooled on piano, Diane rocked the electric piano, playing the teen clubs and college circuit with the Pleasure Seekers.  She took a short break from the music during her fall college term in 1965. In late fall, 1965, Diane rejoined the Pleasure Seekers for the Hideout singles and album for the Hideout label. She then left to pursue her college studies, and get married, retiring from rock music in January of 1966. At present, Diane runs a successful business in the health and medical field, out of Detroit.

Marylou Ball 1964 ~ 1965

Marylou Ball Marylou, younger sister of Nan, was asked to be in the Pleasure Seekers in 1964, to round out the group.  She handled vocals, rhythm guitar and mandolin.  Marylou was featured on many of the Detroit Motown vocals of the era. Full of personality and fun, she played at the debut Hideout gig with the band, continuing on to the Pleasure Seekers college circuit.

Marylou recorded with the Pleasure Seekers at 14 years old, for their Golden World and Hideout singles and album, and was responsible for the rockin’ screams on the popular Hideout beer/party single “What a Way to Die. Over the holidays, In 1965, her parents convinced her to leave the band and concentrate on her education, teenage social life, and future career aspiration. Marylou agreed with them, retiring early from the Pleasure Seekers and a musical career.

Pris Wenzell 1965 ~ 1966

Pris Wenzell

Pris Wenzell, on keyboards, and a school friend of Patti’s, joined the Pleasure Seekers in the fall of 1965, substituting for Diane Baker as she was at college for the fall term.  Pris again, filled in the keyboard slot for a very short time after Diane left again, in January, 1966, just as the Hideout single was hitting the region.

Pris played some gigs with the girls, but did not do any recording with them.  Pris parted ways with the girls at the entrance of Arlene Quatro on keyboards, in early 1966.

Sherry Hammerlee 1966

Sherry HammerleeSherry Hammerlee was brought into the Pleasure Seekers to fill the slot vacated by Marylou Ball in 1966.  Sherry handled rhythm guitar and backup vocals. Sherry was in the group as the Hideout single was hitting the region, and did some gigs with them for a very short time.

Sherry did not record with the group, and parted ways with the girls at the entrance of Eileen Biddlingmeier, fairly quickly in 1966.