(PLEASURE SEEKERS 1966 ~ 1969)

Arlene Quatro“The white goddess……Foxy Lady….. Arlene has to be the most captivating performer to hit London in years. Your attention becomes riveted to her every move. Musical knowledge of her instrument is evident the moment she places her fingers on the keys.

It’s amazing how she can move with such excitement and still play an expert organ, on the beat, off the beat, or in between, with a heavy sound you must witness to believe. Her body is like a beautiful chord in itself, moving in rhythm with each note she plays.”

~1969 review

Arlene Quatro performed with her sisters in the Pleasure Seekers from 1966 to 1969, as they evolved into Cradle, in a much heavier direction.  Having a family to raise, she retired from active touring when she left the Pleasure Seekers.  She continued to play the local circuit, as a solo pianist/vocalist for a couple of years. During that time, Arlene also took over managing her sisters new group, “Cradle”, handling recording offers and touring dates.  In that role, in 1971, she also helped settle Suzi into her new solo venture with Micki Most/Rak Records, in England.

She continued managing a new Cradle lineup until 1973, when the group formally disbanded. After a short break, in 1976, she again joined forces with Patti in a touring group, Harlow. Later Arlene expanded into the health field, authoring a book. At present she is retired from music, and now involved in health and environmental issues.