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Kimmykimmykimmykakes, 2011

This is my latest obsession! I freakin’ love this band soooooooooooooooo much!


Foureversq, 2011

Thank you Quatro sisters. Enduring talent , Lyrics that send shivers thru you. Keep breaking new ground, down barriers. Quatro Sisters are/were ahead of their time. Listening to your bodyof work u realize the industry is smallminded. ButLove all the postings! So entertaining.


txpommie, 2011

Who says girls can’t rock. This is as good as Deep Purple or Black Sabbath in the late 60’s.


Henry8smallwood, 9/22/2011

What was it about the Grande scene that brought out the best in so many groups? You rocked out on this song. The harmonies are especially awesome. Thanks for sharing this performance!

Steve aka Heathen, 2011

wow this is ridiculously good. I was listening to the Fanny album tonight (bought it at a garage sale on Alki Beach, Seattle) and got inspired to research the Quatro Sisters. Of course I was familar with Suzi and vaguely aware of the others in the clan, but had no idea on this aspect. Did they ever play with Nugent on the bill? Poor Ted must have left with his tail between his legs!


ShaolinDragon9, 2011

Don’t get me wrong I do like the Runaways as well….we all have our favorite classic rock music from certain eras…I’m very fascinated with 60’s myself, and the Pleasure Seekers happen to my personal favorites…but I can see where the Runaways got their inspiration for their music.


Quieterrps, 2011

Seriously good. I had no knowledge of The Pleasure Seekers before yesterday or that Suzi had musical siblings. Really great arrangements and choice of songs ~ I’m sure that Smokey would be in awe of the harmonizing on You’ve Really Got A Hold On Me. Glad to see this. Cheers!


Gkoz791, 2011

classic garage style song, one of my all-time faves!!!! i’m from detroit area, first heard this tune on the “friday at the hideout” compilation cd, i was too young to make the hideout scene in the 60s.. ★ pleasure seekers rock! ★


Victor115114, 1/25/2011

Oh lord i’ve got my cradle cd, I play it all night and play it all day…….So no one will stop me ! the music is back and rocking in my house.And all over Clevedon England thank the Quatro sisters never stop rocking..

Grampscanshred55, 1/26/2012

This was the first live band I ever saw-August 1970 in Garden City, Kansas-when I was 13 years old. I was in love and in awe. Great video!