Cradle 1969 ~ 1973

Nancy Rogers 1969 ~ 1971

Nancy Rogers performed with the Quatro sisters both in Pleasure Seekers and in Cradle. See Pleasure Seekers band for her bio.


Jerry Nolan 1971

Jerry Nolan holds the distinction of being the only male member to ever play with the Quatro sisters bands.  Upon Nancy Rogers and Cradle parting ways In 1971, Nancy and Suzi made a trip to NYC, coming back with Jerry, as new drummer for Cradle.  It was a very short alliance, as a couple of months later, Suzi made her way to England, and a solo career, and Cradle continued on in another direction with a sister duo from Detroit.

Jerry went on to play with the infamous New York Dolls, as their drummer, after leaving Cradle.  Jerry passed on at an early age, and is remembered fondly by the girls.

Lynne Serridge 1971 ~ 1973

Lynne SerridgeLynne Serridge joined forces with Patti and Nancy Quatro, and her sister Leigh, in 1971, upon Suzi’s departure from Cradle.  Having completed a year long tour of Vietnam and the far east with sister Leigh, and touring ballrooms and pop festivals, Lynne joined Cradle as a well rounded musician, handling vocals, bass, and organ in the group.

Her versatile talents contributed well to Cradle’s very heavy rock sound until it disbanded finally in 1973. A talented songwriter, Lynne has continued to perform, enjoying a successful career in pop and country music up to the present.  Her country/rock group “Lynne and the Rebels” has earned Juno and CMA awards in Canada, and she continues to tour and record her original music.

She is also involved heavily in the musical community in the Windsor/Detroit area.

Leigh Serridge 1971 ~ 1973

Leigh SerridgeLeigh Serridge joined Cradle with her sister, Lynne, in 1971, as Suzi left to pursue a solo career in England.  Leigh was considered by her peers as one of the stronger female drummers to come out of Detroit. A dynamic drummer in the style of Ginger Baker, Leigh was the backbeat behind Cradle, helping to continue the strong 3-piece sound Cradle had become known for.

She was an excellent vocalist with a style all of her own and used her creativity in writing and performing with Cradle.  The band toured extensively for nearly two more years at which time, Leigh continued on as a lead vocalist for several local Detroit rock bands.  After performing for many years, Leigh finally retired from her music career and now lives in Michigan.  She still sings for the Vietnam vets every year on Veterans Day.