MEOWWWWWW –JOIN PATTI QUATRO FOR A ROCKIN MUSIC PANEL…..…..with an interesting array of panelists for all you women in the Austin musical community…


  1. Patti You may not remember me as my parents were close friends of your parents and the Art Baker family. I had taken lessons from Art Baker and played saxaphone around the Detroit area including band jobs with your dad and your brother MIckey. I happened to see Mickey on TV about a year ago. He was out of work and eating at the local soup kitchen. Apparently he is homeless. Hope he’ll be OK. Hope all is well with you and your other sisters. I remember your sister Arlene and of course Suzi as she did real well for herself in the music business. Your dad passed away the same year that my father did. Your father was a good man and was all business in music. I’m retired but do some work as a ‘Personel Trainer’ in my home as Iv’e been training myself for many years. Hope I haven’t bored you with this E-Mail. Saw your website and decided to contact you. Feel free to G-Mail me if you like. Take care . Gary Fryer

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