Wheelhouse Review, 1/26/11:

They (Cradle) came out of same scene and came up with Iggy/Stooges, Mitch Ryder, Amboy Dukes, etc. Toured with Zeppelin! their disc is available through CD Baby.  Doing well and their fan base is this crazy mix of global and all ages. Psych meets garage meets Detroit rock. On YouTube you can watch video where they are dressed like Glam witches. Was Nancy (Rogers) a big fan of Carmine Appice, Ginger Baker and the like? Reminds of a band from that era, Black Widow. The whole swinging Occult scene was happening in this track, even the rowdy seance bit. Fucking A, a Les Paul in Patti’s hands, lovely.

Cradle breakdown: tracks 1-5
Living Machine – Enchanting gypsy hymn that finds a killer Captain Beyond groove
Man Is A Man – Simon & Garfunkel if had darker intentions
Sally and Johnny – In the vein of Spirit and Rare Earth
See The Two – Surf guitars
Heat – psychedelic not too far removed from the Haight district
Peter Porno – interesting use of swing, doo-wop and that dirty Detroit twang. Explicit renderings to boot. Was Peter the male Cynthia Plaster Caster?
Funny Man – nasty guitar bits. imagine seedy bars and ashtrays overflowing. layered bits of ethereal charm. nice jazzy groove behind Patti’s playing
Ted – Is that our man Nugent? Anyway, its got that propulsive Amboy Dukes thing
Soothsayer – dark and gothic.  Sounds like the devil being summoned.
Last Laugh – My favorite track on the disc. Vanilla Fudge, Budgie and some decent Cream styles working here. Wicked groove. Good, drunk vibe for ruining an otherwise clean bed
Dream – Leon must’ve like this one. Nice take on the Carpenter’s version of Superstar.

Is this a 4-track recording?


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