Steve Newport “Doc Rock”, 8/15/2010:

“Remember the days when music was fresh and powerful? beating on the door? the sky was the limit? Those days have returned!!! If you missed them then, now is your chance. A group of powerhouse musicians have released their long awaited music for us to enjoy today. The music of CRADLE (ten years before the Runaways) will take you back to the glory days of Rock-n-Roll!!!

Cradle lived, played, partied and rocked the music scene when female musicians were very few and looked upon as ‘novelty acts’. Cradle and the music they delivered gained the attention and respect of Detroit ‘male’ Rockers because of the drive and determination to fulfill their dreams. Cradle was a forerunner in changing the myth of female musicians! and even to this day they are known as the ones who paved the way for other female musicians to follow. When it comes to the music of Cradle, there is neither male nor female, only great musicians playing great music.”

“To all those who are still infants of Rock-n-Roll and to those who are mature to the roots of Rock!
To all those in search of the meaning of Rock and to those sitting on their porch with memories of Detroit Rock!
The day has come and the time has arrived!
CRADLE Rock-n-Roll is once again upon us!
Classic Detroit Rock at its best is now at our fingertips!
The long awaited music of CRADLE is available at:


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