Jeanette Leach, “Shindig Magazine”, Review, 10/2010:

“When The Pleasure Seekers compared blokes to beer on the girl-garage classic “What A Way To Die” (and found blokes coming up short) it was obvious these were not dames to be messed with. After finding their ambitions increasingly frustrated as the 1960s wore on, The Pleasure Seekers mutated into Cradle.

It was more than just a name change. Featuring the Quatro sisters (Patti, Nancy and Suzi) along with Nancy Rogers, Cradle was progressive and loud, the songs full of electric complexity, featuring Nancy Quatro’s impassioned howl over the top. “Living Machine” is a hard-rock hallelujah, while the closer, “Dream” is a deconstruction of “Climb Every Mountain” saturated in feedback and power.

Very rarely did girl groups or bands of the 60’s change their sound in this way. Thus these recordings, released for the first time, show Cradle to be ahead of the game in terms of 1970’s rock and even prefiguring metal in places.”


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