Harri Asikanien, 6/12/2010:

“I am the very happy owner of this great Cradle CD and I also downloaded it from iTunes to my iPod. I have always wanted to hear Quatro sisters 60’s music and felt very happy when I heard this project to release it as cd. I am the happy owner of their next band The Pleasures Seekers original vinyl singles so this brilliant cd is a beautiful extra to fill my Quatro collection. What a great cd this is. You can feel the 60’s athmosphere in that sound and this will be my summer music on the beach in Spain. I recommend this cd to everybody who are interested in 60’s girl rock. They were the forerunner for 70’s girl band like The Runaways. This cd is a piece of music history like its title clever ways tells itself. This is a must cd for music collectors. Lets rock! Five stars cd! I already look forward buying that follow up EP/cd “The Pleasure Seekers” to my collection! Great job Quatro girls and I am so happy about this great cd.”


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