Doc Lehman, “Bangagong”,“Pleasure Seeking in the 60’s”, 9/12/2008:

“Don’t you just love those mini-skirts and go-go boots? The all girl band featured above isn’t the Runaways, the Go-Gos or the Bangles, the band pictured above is The Pleasure Seekers, formed in 1964 in Detroit, Michigan by 17-year-old Patti Quatro and her 15-year-old sister Suzi Quatro. They gained a reputation during the 1960’s as perhaps the best all-female garage rock band….

“They were also the first (and youngest) all-girl rock band to sign to a national label.”

But while they never achieved national superstardom, they rocked the house, with attitude, throughout the Midwest and the east coast during the freewheelin’ sixties and helped pave the road for other all-female bands to come along and be taken seriously as hard rockers.”


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