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Leslie West “MOUNTAIN”, 1971:

“You girls play with more balls than most of the male bands we play with.”


“Record World” 1968:

“The five gorgeous girls displayed an energy and versatility uncommon in most groups today, either male or female….The instrumental work was excellent in all cases.”

Pat O’Day, Concerts West, 1968:

“These girls excel in everything.  Their combination of musicianship and showmanship makes them one of the best acts I have ever seen in my entire life”.


“The Pleasure Seekers are beautiful–both musically and physically….In fact, they play and sing with more power than most of the new male groups around.”

Out Now – The Q-Girls Latest Magazine Interview

Check out the new Quatro girls feature story in “Ugly Things” magazine, available now with an In-depth interview with Patti Quatro. Get the history on these first ground-breaking, Detroit Rock City female musicians, and what it was like to rock it raw and kick down doors!

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